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Step 1

Identification of Communities

Identification of local influencers and creation of a community with a community team leader (Paid Position). Creation of a database containing data on local landfills and all the entities involved with the landfills ( local, state federal participants, etc ). Handover of database to NGD Corp. and NGD Environmental.

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Step 2

Gathering of Data

Creation of a Landfill Diagnostic checklist by the NGD Team Leader that includes relevant information (Socials, Contacts, Addresses, etc) on decision-makers including City Council members, Teachers Union, PTA Members, SBA, Mayor's Office, County Seats, County Board of Commissioners, etc, providing CFE with community data to achieve an in-depth SWOT analysis.

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Step 3

Data Evaluation

NGD Environmental completes the Landfill Diagnostic Checklist Evaluation. There are 1500+ Operating Landfills in the USA and 50k Closed Landfills (“brownfields”) in America alone.

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Step 4

Building a Consensus

Once a landfill is targeted, we use the data collected from the Landfill Evaluation to produce preliminary documents to enhance our approach and begin to build a consensus around the Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS) clearly identifying and understanding any problems that may arise, we convene stakeholders, government, industry, and other voices needed to be identified.

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Step 5

Memorandum of Understanding and Tokenization

After the NGDE has a Memorandum of Understanding in place, the project is tokenized to raise funds on the blockchain for the Team Lead, Ambassadors, and Ground warriors. Additionally, Influencers from all walks of the community are brought on board and given volunteers to give voice to our cause, both socially and politically.

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Step 6

Inculcation of the Warrior Wall App

We laser-focus on getting the entire community to download the Warrior Wall Mobile app (WWa) and begin to empower and change the lives of the entire community. CFE ultimately alongside the partners within the NGD Consortium supplies a community with endless normal daily activities supporting fully funded higher education for all children within the community!

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