Carving a greener tomorrow

for everyone

Making today's landfills extinct for a better, greener and
efficient system of waste management.

Helping your child save

for their higher education

Using crowdfunding and other technologies to allow your child to benefit from
an educational savings account.

Aerobic landfills against Anaerobic ones

Comparing two major methods of waste management and treatment in order to highlight the better option. We did the research so you don't have to.

What We Do

NGD Environmental works toward making modern landfills sustainable by utilizing aerobic bioreactor technology in a manner that funds your child's educational EDU Bank account (coming soon). All for absolutely. $0.00 cost to you, your county, or your state.

A Glimpse of NDG

The NGD Consortium is a group of companies working towards a set of goals that envision a combination of a greener tomorrow through reinforcement of conventional landfills with modern technology, promotion of financial education among children, and creation of a waste management system incorporating carbon credits, embedded finance, banking-as-a-service, blockchain, crowdfunding, etc.

Our Mission

Providing landfills facilities that perpetually eliminate carbon emissions and solid waste while funding the educational accounts of your children.

Join the warrior wall

Reach out and join hands with scores of others working towards a greener earth and better future for children

Our Campaigns

Become a signatory and help us change the way landfills operate for the better

Our Projects

To change the face of landfills in the USA and also help your children save for their higher education through educational savings accounts.

Join Hands With Us

A crowdfunded cost-free landfill upgrade that specifically funds your child(s), and grandchildren's higher education. Quite simply, soon every time you swipe your credit/debit/prepaid card and or every time your garbage truck goes into your local landfill your child’s education will be funded. No cost or tax to you, your county, or your state. Your donation and signature matter and bring about more change than you think. Take a moment to establish your support and donate to the cause if you feel generous, otherwise at least join us in our fight to save the planet and fund our kids' futures at the same time.





Political Speech


A Three Step Analysis

Explore the problem at hand, the innovative ways in which NGD plans to solve the problem and ways in which you could lend a helping hand.

Jun 2013

Conventional Landfills: How are they a threat

Dive in as we try to understand how conventional landfills affect the ecosystem and discover alternative greener and efficient methods that could be applied.

Jun 2013

NGD’s vision to make modern landfill extinct with the Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS)

Educate yourself about the ALBS system and the ways in which it takes the baton away from conventional landfills to carve a path towards a greener tomorrow.

Jun 2013

Play a part in our cause.

There are many ways in which you can lend a helping hand. Little drops make an ocean and so can we all hand in hand create a change for the better.

SB-1383, Why it needs to be amended

Explore what the Senate Bill 1383 has to do with waste management and how it will affect you and how it needs a major reform.

Meet Our Team

We are pleased to announce the following events our movement’s representatives are going to participate in.